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Alicia Frias Garcia – Flamenco, Jazz and Pilates

Alicia Frias-Garcia

Alicia Frias Garcia established herself as a professional dancer in Europe and the UK with over 10 years of experience, in performance and Choreography.

Trained in Ballet under Beverly Jane Fry at the National Theatre Ballet School, Alicia accomplished the classical training needed to achieve a career in Classical and contemporary flamenco in Spain’s Seville.

Performing with companies such as Teatro Nacional, Seville Spain, Opera Australia, Murices Ballet Paris, Alicia has experienced the international dance world, and now chooses to share that as a vocation with young dancers.

“I am alive that as a professional we keep learning and growing within our art form…. This felt right in the next chapter of the story”
Alicia also has had a successful commercial career dancing on T.V in Spain ( tele 5) and being an active part of BMP London.

Actively choreographing for corporate fashion companies as “L’Oreal”, Alicia has reached out to broaden the view of dance within the fashion world and is pushing the envelope where dance meets fashion.

Recovering from a serious injury over 10 years ago, Alicia began her Pilate’s journey to re-educate the way she used, understood and produced movement through body. This enabled her to re-invigorate and establish a Professional International Dance career.

Having spent over a decade in the Pilates Industry, Alicia’s Australian and International recognized Pilates training has been derived from her passion and drive as a professional dancer to safely provide efficient and maximum body mobility.

Alicia has been teacher at the National Theatre Ballet now for 7 years teaching both Pilates, Jazz and Flamenco to the Full Time students & jazz to the Junior school students.