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Attendance Policy

The National Theatre Ballet School  Attendance Policy

1. Students must attend at least 90% of classes.
2. Students must sign-in themselves every morning when they arrive at the School, and sign-out every afternoon when leaving the school. Overseas students must sign-in in the morning, but must also sign-in again at lunch time.
3. Students who fail to attend the required number of classes will not be able to obtain their qualification. Student attendance will be monitored in accordance with the Course Assessment Policy.
4. Students who are unable to attend due to illness must contact the ballet office before 9am (if a message on the answering machine is left, then the student must provide their contact number for that day).
5. Students who are sick over a successive number of days need to contact the ballet office on EACH of those days before 9am.
6. Students who have not arrived before 9am, and have not contacted the school by this time, will be called.
7. Students who are sick for 3 days in succession will need to obtain medical certificates (medical certificate required for the requisite number of days).
8. Students who adhere to the above procedure will not be considered to have failed to attend. As a consequence, students who miss class due to genuine illness will not be subject to penalty under the attendance policy.
9. Students who fail to adhere to the above procedure will be penalised, and will be deemed as non-attending for any days missed.
10. In certain circumstances that fall within the Alternative Assessment policy, the Director may, at her discretion, permit an individual student to vary the required attendance percentage. The Director will only make such a decision where the student has completed the majority of the unit, and has performed to a consistently high standard both in the studio and in all stage productions. Such a decision may be appropriate where a student has gained early employment in the Dance Industry, and their contractual responsibilities prevent them from completing a specified assessment. Extreme family or personal circumstances may also warrant this decision being made.