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An Insight to Full Time NTBS Style

The NTBS has a long history of achievement in the dance world with an ongoing reputation of producing dancers with a strong pure classical technique together with a committed professional work ethic.

We recognise the vast competitive element of the industry and with an esteemed Advanced Diploma qualification our dancers are fully equipped to impress Company Directors worldwide to be invited to all auditions and be successful in being offered employment – dancers from the NTBS are dancing across the globe.

The NTBS provides the ultimate system in Dance Training – The system has been devised by the school’s Artistic Director Beverly Jane Fry to train Dancers in the Australian Way.

Australian dancers working overseas have always had an excellent reputation of being strong – quick – enthusiastic – committed – the first to try a new step – unusual choreography and when big lifts are being designed you can bet an Australian dancer will be the first to put her or his hand up. Directors, choreographers love working with Australians that have been given a no nonsense training education as they have been trained with a passion that everything must be perfect.

We produce dancers that tick all those boxes. We are a school that is proud to train dancers to be Australian dancers by Australian teachers where ever they come from because we know Australia does it best.

The NTBS teaches students to ultimately, by the time they graduate, be able to train themselves in retaining their fundamental basic technique – to know their body so well that they know how to fix it and to have a quick fire brain allowing them to respond quickly in all circumstances. A student in training will be guided every step of the way but they will also be guided to figure it out for themselves – to analyse dissect and then process – this invaluable training skill is totally necessary for young dancers especially in their first company starting out – (no longer being guided every step of the way by their teachers) – they need to show the intelligence and aptitude to fix things when they go wrong and to be seen doing this by the Artistic Director and company faculty, resulting in their own career advancement.

The dancers at the NTBS learn every day the importance of this skill.

The NTBS has the unrivalled advantage of having their own theatre where classes – coaching – repertoire – stage skills are learnt in situ throughout the year. This training therefore accelerates the student’s skills and he/she becomes a ‘professional’ dancer before graduation. Directors love dancers that know from day one the ‘rules’ the ‘etiquette’, and the ‘correct behaviour’.

We also believe that to coach a young dancer in a role successfully, you need to have performed the role yourself. Our teachers are in this enviable position and therefore able to give generously their insight, understanding and patience built on years of personal experience.

All teachers at the NTBS are former principals and soloists of leading Ballet Companies culminating in a personal performance repertoire that completes the Classical Ballet repertoire. All roles, including principal roles are performed by the full time students (we are a school after all). We are secure in this philosophy as all students gain invaluable one on one in depth coaching invaluable for their continuing progress and futures.

Our Ballet School delivers to their students all of this knowledge and education. The rapid promotion of NTBS graduates once in a company is all the proof we need that our system of training works.

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