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Graduate Audition Portfolio – I am graduating …What Now?

The motivation of the Artistic Director is that all Full Time students obtain a dance contract. We strive for excellence in the dance studio and on the stage in our many productions, but advice and help in getting that job does not stop there!

Taking the step from School to Ballet Company is never easy – here is how the NTBS helps you:

  • Advice and Assistance in preparing and compiling a C.V.
  • Personal Photo Call supervised by the Artistic Director
  • Personal DVD supervised by the Artistic Director
  • Access to our extensive wardrobe of Costumes
  • Audition Tour planning
  • Personal advice and guidance on audition dance wear
  • Advice on suitable companies to audition for
  • Artistic Directors and staff’s personal networking portfolio
  • Letter of introduction
  • Letter of Reference

Our guidance, advice and help is there for all graduates for as long as they want.

Our door is always open.