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NTBS Fitness Programs

fitnessOur dancers need to be fit

Dancers are more than top class athletes – yes…. they are top athletes but dancers also need soul – tenderness – style – and artistry. To perform at an elite level and gain the skills base required to succeed, dance students need to be given the opportunity to combine the best of an athlete’s regime training with their dance education.

The NTBS provides a wide variety of fitness training programs that include – conditioning – cardiovascular development –physical recovery strategies – Pilates reformer bed strengthening and resistance programs.

Our instructors are all qualified in their field of expertise.

Regular workshops are conducted in Yoga and meditation to assist our student’s to become the best they can be in whatever they choose.

The NTBS also provides: –

  • Free membership to Melbourne’s No 1. Health Club – Re – Creation
  • Individual Gym Programs
  • Onsite Physiotherapist
  • NTBS Osteopath
  • NTBS General Practitioner