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The Audition Process – Australian And International Students

The National Theatre Ballet School offers 4 different ways to Audition.

These options are available to all prospective Australian and International students

Allyne DQ On White

NTBS Graduate Allyne King

Choose the most suitable audition method for you:

  • Send a DVD of class work  or recent performance
  • Scheduled Capital City Auditions are held in September / October – further information about dates and times can be obtained by calling our Ballet Office on 039534 0224, emailing us at
  • Personal Audition at NTBS
  • 3 day full time class experience at The National Theatre Ballet School.

We understand that many students wanting to audition are currently studying for important school exams and their time is precious, we at the NTBS aim to make the audition process as personal as possible.

We conveniently organise dates and times to suit the dancer auditioning. We invite the student to join a 1st year Full Time morning class taken by the Artistic Director Beverly Jane Fry and then we promote the student to spend 3 days with us.  Please be assured this is not compulsory but if time is available we recommend this pathway in order to:

  • Experience classes with other teachers
  • Experience other dance styles
  • Meet and talk with students already on the course
  • Feel the positive energy and vibe of the school
  • Have the opportunity to really know what your life could be like for the next 2 -3 years – not just imagine what you think it could be like from a glossy brochure

Attending Auditions

Parents / teachers are invited to watch any class they would like when auditioning. The cost of the audition is the same whether you spend one or three days with us.

It is very important that the student auditioning feels that they could be happy and secure in the environment we offer and confident they could ‘fit in’ and make friends at our school – together with the Director’s opinion that they have the necessary potential and the right attitude. During the audition process, be it one day or three days a private interview will take place with the Artistic Director Beverly Jane Fry (student – parent – teacher) to discuss plans for the student’s future.

Face to face interviews with the Administrator Ms Chyrssie Demetriou can be arranged for any students wishing to audition. Please contact her at the Ballet School office on 03 9534 0224 to make the necessary arrangements.