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VCE VET Dance – CUA20113 Certificate II in Dance

A More Practical Approach To The Dance Industry

VCE VET dance is an industry based course

vet dance student

VET Dance Student 2012

Students who undertake VCE dance can also study VET dance. VET stands for Vocational Education and Training and the dance course is a tertiary course, and is oriented towards more practical applications. VET dance is one of the few disciplines which count towards a VCE ATAR score.

Many students who wish to undertake further study in dance will study both VCE dance and VET dance together, with both counting as VCE subjects.

Other students study VET dance separately, however this still counts as a VCE subject and counts towards their VCE ATAR score.

After completing their study with our VCE teacher (Karen Crump) VET Dance students qualify for a Certificate II in Dance (CUA20113) combined with a partial completion of a Certificate III in Dance, and can later continue their studies to complete their Certificate III. This certificate is a solid basis for entry into the dance industry, commonly for students who are looking to further a dance career as a professional dancer, dance teacher or choreographer.

The course aims to provide participants with the knowledge and skills to achieve competencies that will enhance their employment prospects in the live performance industry. It also seeks to enable participants to gain a recognised dance performance credential and to make an informed choice of future vocation or career path.

The course is designed around a practical application. Students will learn:

  • How the dance industry works
  • Preparation for performing dance
  • Performance and technical skills in at least 2 dance styles. Students can choose two styles from Ballet, Contemporary Dance, Cultural Dance, Jazz, Street Dance or Tap.
  • Important OH&S components of dance and dance performance

The course is a two-year program with units 1 and 2 being completed in the first year and units 3 and 4 being completed in the second year. It has a minimum course hour duration of 395 hours.

VET Dance Units 1 and 2 in year 1 include:

  • Working effectively with others
  • Developing basic dance techniques
  • Following basic safety procedures and practices
  • Developing a basic level of physical fitness for a dance performance

Students also have 2 electives. These are to learn to perform basic dance technique in their two chosen styles.

Units 3 and 4 in year 2 include:

  • Preparing for performance
  • Incorporating artistic expression into basic dance performance
  • Developing and applying creative arts industry knowledge
  • Developing audition techniques

Students also have 2 electives. These are to learn to increase their depth of dance technique in their 2 chosen styles.

To find out more about the NTBS VCE VET Dance course please contact the Ballet Office.