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Gailene Stock CBE AM 1946 – 2014

Gailene Stock

A Message of Condolence from our
Artistic Director Beverly Jane Fry

The National Theatre Ballet School had the honour of Gailene Stock as their Director for 6 years. Her tragic passing is an insurmountable loss to all that knew this remarkable lady.

Gailene Stock was the true ballerina, refined, graceful, svelte, poised and very intelligent.

There was an elegance to her that seemed to naturally flow through her body whether she was sitting and talking to you or demonstrating an exercise in class.

More importantly though she was a genuine person who made you feel important; she made you feel that you mattered. I was extremely fortunate to have spent quality, meaningful time with such an inspiring woman.

Her vision and tireless work for dance in Australia through her position as Director of The Australian Ballet School was so impressive that The Royal Ballet School engaged her talents.

Gailene was passionate about dance and was a leader in promoting this glorious art so that it remains true and continues to blossom for centuries to come.

The National Theatre Ballet School send their sincere sympathy to Gailene’s family and hope they can find some comfort in having had such a beautiful woman in their lives.

Gailene Stock made a difference – we at the National Theatre Ballet School have always and will always be so very proud

Beverly Jane Fry
Artistic Director
The National Theatre Ballet School

‘Perhaps they are not stars but rather openings in heaven where the love of our lost ones pours through’. Eskimo Proverb