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Junior School Examinations

junior school examinations

Grade exam students with the school’s mascot – ‘Chamade Fry’

Held at our studios in July / August

The National Theatre Ballet School believes that the pianist is as important as the teacher in the ballet classroom. All Grade classes are accompanied by a pianist – promoting musicality –

musical appreciation – musical dynamics – and an education of understanding how music and ballet work together as one.

A further benefit for the student is practicing their examination exercises with the pianist who will be playing for their exam. No sudden tempo changes the student is not used to and a smiling face they know at the piano.

A mock exam is also scheduled every year, one week before the exams, for every student. A written report by the Artistic Director is given to each student at the conclusion of their mock exam to help cement all advice and corrections needed to perform at their best on their important day.

The NTBS unlike many schools conducts its Graded Examinations in the school’s studios allowing for examination preparation ie: Placement of exercises in the studio space the student is familiar with – allowing for careful and repetitive practice of entering and exiting of examination studio – no cold draughty church halls with slippery floors. All benefits in allowing for an enjoyable exam experience for the student.

Examinations – Grade One – Grade Two – Grade Three

Introducing our new, exciting examination format in 2013.

The NTBS Examinations for Grade One – Grade Two – Grade Three will now be conducted by a panel of four Lumiere’s in the dance industry plus Beverly Jane Fry (Artistic Director) at our studios. Professional leading dancers (former and current) will examine your child. The NTBS believes at the younger levels this is a beautiful way to introduce young students to the exam process.junior school examinations

Examinations – Grade Four – Grade Five

  • All children will be invited to take part
  • A personal written report with positive comments and suggestions on how to improve.
  • A collective opinion of 4 experts
  • A feedback meeting for parents on how your child presented (if desired)
  • A beautiful certificate

Examinations for Grade 4 and 5 take place in August and are examined by an official RAD examiner. The students who meet the NTBS criteria of 2 x classes per week plus attending our internal Winter School in July will be eligible to take their exam. The Directors decision is final in the selection process.

Private lessons are also available.junior school examinations