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Grade Two – 7 To 8 Years Old

Classical Training

(Note: Age is a guide only)

grade two penguins

Grade Two Penguins – Nutcracker 2012

The NTBS prides itself in offering first class training to all our students delivered by some of Australia’s top dance educators. The majority of the NTBS staff are former principal dancers of Ballet companies from around the world that include The Australian Ballet – English National Ballet – London City Ballet – The Royal Ballet.

The NTBS believe that the foundation of producing dancers of excellence is to provide a training programme based on structure, discipline and the progressive extension of skills.

To this end, the NTBS chooses to teach the Royal Academy of Dance Syllabus (RAD); the world’s most influential examining body for Classical Ballet. Alongside of teaching the RAD syllabus, the NTBS also offers regular Open Classes to both our Senior students and our Junior students when they are of an appropriate maturity.

Open Classes take the steps and technique learnt in syllabus lessons but apply them in a setting where the exercises are choreographed specifically for that class. In this way, the students are given the best of both worlds – syllabus work to calmly extend technical skills with exercises they know and repeat routinely over the year, coupled with open exercises that require quick thinking, immediate response and discovery.

The understanding, dedication and experience of the NTBS faculty ensures that our students receive the best of both sides of this training, positioning them to excel in their dance pursuits.

  • All Classes begin with a warm up
  • RAD Syllabus is taught and trained
  • Grade 2 * Character Dance ( Character Skirt  And Character Shoes required)
  • Terminology – Ballet is mainly taught in the French Language so understanding is essential
  • Choreography / Improvisation – self expression to aid in the learning process.

*Character Dance is a stylized representation of Folk or National Dance derived from    European countries.

Classes also include:

  • Classical Mime
  • Character Dance
  • French TerminologyUnseen Enchainment’s – (Non Syllabus Combinations)
  • Story Telling through mime and dance
  • Self Expression
  • Choreography

Hair Etiquette – All Levels

Classical ballet dancers have always been proud of their perfect grooming – it is and always will be   a part of who they are.

The NTBS prides itself in being a school that clearly teaches right and wrong in the world of Ballet.

The right way, the only way, is for all girls to wear their hair in a bun (with a hairnet) and all hair off their face for every class and rehearsal. The uniform includes a headband.

The NTBS recognises that due to coming straight from school – with maybe dad, a nanny or a grandparent the hair regulations cannot always be adhered to – if this is the case the class teacher will be more than happy to do your child’s hair as long as appropriate hair equipment is provided:–

 Strong Elastic Band – Strong Hair Pins – Hairnet – Hairspray – Brush

Please click on our timetable to view times and days of classes

Students at Grade Two level can also enrol in – Beginner Jazz and Beginner Tap