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Production Classes – Grade 1 – Grade 5

You will see from the Timetable that all classes from Grade 1 – Grade 5 – have an RAD syllabus class followed by a Production class in Term 2 and Term 4 

Unlike most other dance schools that have only one performance every year for their students the NTBS has the incredible opportunity and advantage to provide students with up to 7 performances a year from Grade One if they take full advantage of all our training opportunities.

Our beautiful theatre upstairs is an incredible training bonus for students to experience and enjoy performing throughout the year. They learn stage craft – stage terminology – stage criteria – while doing what they love.

The excitement of performance also gives the students so much more – being part of a team – learning commitment and responsibility – respect of others – and to be a part of something grand and magical. Whether they take their dancing seriously or just simply because they love to dance, it doesn’t matter – these are life lessons and life memories to take with them forever.

The production class is dedicated to teaching the students their production dance – most schools relinquish the essential Ballet Class to teach production dances, which we feel is incorrect and interrupts the student’s ballet technique education. To fully enjoy our schools benefits we strongly advise that all students get involved with the productions.

The productions are from Grade One Up – 2 performances at the end of Term 2 – Mid Year Gala

Grade One – 2 out of 4 performances at the end of Term 4 – Christmas Production

Grade Two and Up – All 4 performances – Christmas Production

Please note that if your child chooses not to attend these production classes, they will be unable to participate in any of our performances.