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NTBS Annual Performances

Every year the National Theatre Ballet School produces 3 large scale productions.

The NTBS students are extremely fortunate in that their education incorporates many dance performances each year. The NTBS is like no other in that it has its very own Theatre. A reverencebeautiful Art Deco Theatre above the schools studios.

Taking full advantage of such an amazing bonus in teaching dance (Ballet Jazz Tap Contemporary) the Junior and Senior Students have the opportunity in dancing in 7 performances a year every year. (Full Time Students even more)

  • 2 performances in June/ July
  • 2 performances in September
  • 4 performances in December

(Please see production classes for your child’s level for more information).

The NTBS performances are full scale professional productions

  • Full Length Ballets
  • Amazing Costumes
  • Awesome Lighting
  • Professional Stage Design
  • Exciting Age related Choreography

Extra Benefits for your child

  • Learning to work as a team outside of normal school
  • Learning responsibility doing what they love
  • Learning to help others
  • Commitment
  • Performing in a beautiful theatre
  • Sharing the experience with their classmates

Whether your child wants to be a dancer or simply just loves to dance the National Theatre Ballet School ticks all the boxes – Enrol Now.