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NTBS Senior School Examinations

Officially titled Vocational Graded Exams by the RAD unofficially known as Major Exams as they are the 5 last exams in the syllabus.

  • Intermediate Foundation
  • Intermediate
  • Advanced One
  • Advanced two
  • Solo Seal

The National Theatre Ballet School offers all levels and are proud of continuing achievements at such a high level of dance education.

Last year only 3 students in Victoria achieved their Solo Seal and the NTBS was thrilled in congratulating Danika Lampitt a Full time NTBS Student on her success.

The R.A.D Vocational Graded Examinations in Dance are quite different to the Graded Examinations as they are designed to develop the strong technique base needed for a professional career if the student should so choose. This however does not mean that only ‘intending professionals’ should consider these examinations as they are within the reach of most students, provided they understand that the standard required for a Pass at Vocational Graded Examination level is considerably higher than in the Grades.

It is therefore strongly suggested that students attend a minimum of three lessons weekly over the two year period if they want to attain the standard the Vocational Graded Examinations require for an excellent outcome.

As with the Graded Examinations, the Vocational Examinations are not compulsory but are offered to all students who have attained the necessary standard.