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Jazz – Training and Uniform

Trainingsenior school jazz

Intermediate Jazz (2 – 3 years experience)

Senior Jazz (4 years experience)

The NTBS encourages all dance students to do both Jazz and Classical Ballet but there are no rules and no obligation for students to enrol in both. We however this choice as both complement each other.

Jazz is excellent for rhythm – co ordination – release of tension and flexibility. Jazz is extremely beneficial in building confidence and courage to let go and just feel the music. Jazz is not taught under any syllabus regulations and is not examined.

Our Jazz teacher is an industry performer who has up to date firsthand knowledge of current trends and fashion. Routines and class structure are carefully planned and designed to correctly train each level at a safe pace. Although jazz is considered more of a relaxed dance style than Classical Ballet discipline and class etiquette is still expected.



Uniform Senior Jazz

Correct NTBS uniform is compulsory
Intermediate Jazz

  • Leotard Fuchsia leotard
  • Tights Beige matte tights
  • Shoes Beige jazz shoes
  • Extra Black jazz pant – legwarmers
  • Leotard Black or White
  • Tights ¾ Black or Jazz Pants
  • Shoes Beige Jazz shoes
  • Extra Tidy uniform (no sloppy T shirts) in your choice of Black and White