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Sarah Leung – Nutritionist

Sarah Leung – Accredited Sports Dietician

Sarah is a founder of her company Healthy Energy with multiple private consultation locations in south-eastern suburbs of Melbourne. Since founding Healthy Sarah LeungEnergy, Sarah developed extensive skills in communication and dietetics. She has been living her passion to improve people’s health. Sarah’s philosophy is all about ‘if you want to change someone’s behaviour, you must first change their beliefs’.

Through coaching, Sarah’s consultations focuses on finding the underlying cause that stops people from getting what they want in the domain of health. Sarah is also a speaker and corporate trainer. She works with corporate clients such as Telstra Super, National Australia Bank, Yarra Valley Water and many more. She regularly delivers healthy cooking demonstrations and nutrition seminars to make a company a healthier workplace.

Sarah has been the National Theatre Ballet School lecturer in Nutrition since 2012. Sarah works closely with the full time dancers about understanding their nutrition / eating plans to improve their physical fitness thus improving their dancing. Sarah herself started classical ballet when she was four and still takes casual dance classes with a very strong passion.

She is also regularly invited by the Australian School of Football (soccer) as a guest speaker.

Sarah has a strong interest in Integrated Medicine and is continuing her education to increase her knowledge. Integrated Medicine is the combined practice and method of alternative medicine and evidence-based medicine (Western medicine).

Sarah’s Qualifications:

  •  Bachelor of Nutrition & Dietetics (Monash University)
  •  Accredited Practising Dietitian
  • Accredited Nutritionist
  • Accredited Sports Dietitian
  • Member of the Dietitians Association of Australia
  • Member of the Sports Dietitians Australia
  • Certified Coach
  • ‘Chef at Home’ @ William Angliss Institute of TAFE – European style home cooking course.

For more information about Sarah and her company, visit Healthy Energy